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Do you Always Hire the Cheapest Babysitter…?

Would you choose a babysitter based on price alone?

Hopefully not!

I know hiring is nowhere near as important as your children’s welfare – but what’s your decision-making process for choosing a recruitment company?

What’s the driving factor? Is it trust? Is it quality? Is it time?

Or is it price?

Often, the first test of a recruitment company’s competency is the CVs they submit after they’re given a role to work.

But shouldn’t assessing compatibility come well before they are allowed to represent your company and its values?

A candidate’s first impression of a business is crucial – yet, in so many cases, the business in question is completely unaware of how it’s being described to the potential employee that could be vital to its future.

Why leave this to chance – just because an agency has the cheapest rate and you don’t have to pay them unless they fill a role?

The importance of having that initial consultation can be overlooked.

Make a recruitment company present genuine interest and expertise. Sit down with them to discuss your business.

The questions they ask… The insight they demonstrate… The approach they take…

That’s how you’ll know if they’re the right fit to recruit for your business.

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