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DisruptHR – Why You Don’t Do What You Know You Want To Do

How many times – at work or in life – is there something you really want to do…, but then you don’t do it?

Do you stop to wonder why? Or do you settle for a short-term excuse or explanation?

You didn’t have time… You were too tired… You had to wash your hair…

Whether it’s about ‘mindset’, the need to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’, or your ‘inner chimp’…, you’re in control.

When we can focus on opportunity, doors open – but when we focus on threats, we become obsessed with barriers.

It’s no different in business and, often, in approaches to job advertising and recruitment.

A culture of “we’ve always done it like this” is hard to shake off, particularly if people in high places helped establish it.

But the most powerful and successful brands – think of Apple, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s etc – aren’t static.

Disruptive businesses don’t have one Eureka moment and then put their feet up.

They keep going. They challenge conventions. They keep ‘breaking the norm’.

DisruptHR 2019, which we attended last week, was a celebration of new ideas and inspiration.

Lee Bown – Recart’s MD, and a Master Practitioner in NLP – was one of 14 speakers given five minutes to disrupt and impress at Nottingham’s waterside Canalhouse pub.

He discussed why we don’t do what we think we want to do. He touched on comfort zones, the emotions that make us scared and excited to leave them, and how to overcome negative emotions to achieve our goals. He used audience participation, showing how we get more out of what we focus on.

We also enjoyed Tim Elliott’s talk, which centred on seeing your office as an ecosystem, and not just measuring its growth in economic terms; indeed, why don’t we pay attention to the social, educational and leisure aspects of our workplace environment, just like an ecosystem?!

The DisruptHR 2019 event raised more than £1,000 for Improving Lives Nottingham, a charity that supports adults with complex health and social needs in Nottingham.

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