How to Hand in your Notice and Resign Even if you Receive a Counteroffer
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How to Hand in your Notice and Resign – Even if you Receive a Counteroffer

You’ve done the hard work, aced the interview, and accepted the job offer. Now it’s crunch time: handing in your notice.

Suddenly that leap into new surroundings and the steps that come with it loom large and seem rather daunting… How to write a resignation letter? How to resign? How to give your notice? How to face confrontation?

And particularly when an employer pulls out the stops to try to keep you, with a counteroffer, it’s easy to lose sight of why you were looking in the first place…

More than 80% of people who accept a counteroffer are back on the market looking for a job again within six months.

Don’t make the wrong decision. Here, Recart covers the four reactions you could face from your employer upon handing in your notice – and how to tackle them.

  1. Money Talks… The Salary Increase

This can have massive swaying power, especially if the amount matches or is higher than what your new job is offering.

But why is it only the prospect of you leaving that’s revealed a magic money tree? Why was the appreciation not shown before? And are other factors of the job you dislike going to change? If the answer is no, money won’t make you happy.

In general, if the salary is the only problem of a job you otherwise enjoy, negotiate before showing you’re prepared to leave. Even if you receive and accept a counteroffer, you’ll have eroded trust and potentially given yourself a bad name at the business you turned down.


  1. The Guilt Trip… Emotional Blackmail

“We’ve done so much for you…” “We had such big plans for you…”

If your employer has invested in you and treated you well, they might tug on your heartstrings.

But it’s like ending a relationship. Even though you know it’ll be upsetting, it’s for the best to move on. Faced with a counteroffer upon handing in your notice, don’t stay in the wrong relationship for the wrong reasons.


  1. Shown The Door… Immediate Gardening Leave

Frogmarched away, with your company phone, laptop and passes taken off you… Particularly if you’ve performed well and/or been a long-term, loyal employee, it’s easy to feel hurt by a brash and cold response to you handing in your notice.

Although not a common reaction, it’s better to be prepared for the worst-case scenario than not at all. Focus on the new opportunity you’re moving to, and all the positives.


  1. The Handshake… Leaving on Good Terms

The ideal scenario: a handshake and best wishes for your new role. It’s always great to leave on good terms with an employer.

But sometimes, this is the savviest of methods to keep you – being nice, in the hope you have second thoughts and change your mind!

Whichever scenario you think you might face upon handing in your notice, compose yourself and consider your responses to a potential counteroffer.

Be clear in your own mind of what you want and why you want it. And don’t be afraid to take that leap into a new challenge; it could be your dream job and you might not even know it yet!



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