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‘Start With Why’ – HR Can Use Job Adverts to Enhance Business Branding, Values and Talent Acquisition

Please note: this is not a real job advert.

As an HR Director, you’re all about the big picture: company culture, return on investment, and industry competitiveness.

You’re a planner…, a strategist…, and a driving force for core values, progression, and recruitment.

We see life as an HR Director as so much more than just governing cost, quality and time.

You dig deep behind the words – into branding, unconscious bias, and corporate progression.

The Vision…

Are you an HR Director that wants to harmonise workforce evolution around core values and goals?

Are you looking to establish and lead a long-term talent acquisition that’s people-focused and purpose-driven?

Hiring and recruitment is typically a box-ticking exercise – a model in place, a checklist passed down.

The job seems done – but it’s not. The result? The same-old industry frustrations: the flavour-of-the-month recruitment pitch, the soulless software solutions based on algorithms and psychometrics, the high staff turnover, and the lengthy time-to-hire.

The Objective…

We seek an HR Director that believes in strategy and leadership, not reaction and delegation.

Effective talent acquisition is people-focused, value-driven, and streamlined around company culture.

A journey is built on a business’s unique journey and purpose – not on skills, qualifications, and payment rates.

Do you agree?

The Truth…

Okay…, so this isn’t a real job advert – but you’ve read this far…


Is it because this advert arrowed in on purpose, character and motivations – rather than skills and qualifications…?

Is it because we targeted ‘the why’ – rather than ‘the what’ and ‘the how’…?

At Recart, this is how we attract and recruit candidates…, whether it’s headhunting or job advertising.

If this approach interests you…, contact us and let’s have a conversation.



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