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We’re Hiring Responsible Recruiters who Value Work-life Flexibility

Question: Does being a Recruiter mean having to be in the office from 9 to 5?

Answer: For those who aren’t responsible enough, need to be watched, micro-managed and cajoled into working, probably yes.

Recruitment; it’s not a 9-to-5 job if you’re good… you know that. Nailing those placements, going above and beyond for your clients, and being the career hero for your candidates… It’s so worth it. We get that. But one thing: Why are your working hours 9ish to 5ish?! Because whilst you’re sat at a desk working the hours dictated by your boss, most of your candidates are at work…, busy…, and sat at a desk. “Call me back at lunch / after work / before work” you hear on repeat… as you end up working around the clock… around 9 to 5. Surely there’s another way?

There is: at Recart, we do things differently. We’re results focused, not presence focused. Our consultants work when they want, where they want. Flexible working, homeworking, smart working; call it what you like: with us, there’s no 9 to 5; you have the freedom to balance a ‘24-7 job’ around your personal life – on your terms. What’s important to us isn’t watching your every move or chalking every call; it’s providing the environment, tools, and support that works best for you – so you can focus on what really matters: making placements and fulfilling your potential.


Rather than an employer that gets in your way, we’ll be right behind you:

  • Editorial Quality: we’re the only recruitment company to offer an in-house team of professional copywriters. Quality job adverts that work, written for you. Tailored cover letters that accompany your candidates’ CVs and help them, and you, stand out above other agencies’ submissions.
  • An Enhanced Candidate Experience: we provide video tutorials and written advice for you to assist your candidates – from interview preparation through to offer and placement stage. Increase your reputation, as well as your placements.
  • Experienced Client Directors: real people who understand recruitment – they’ve been there, done that. They will work with you to build on your success, so you can reap the rewards of greater exclusivity, more contacts, and lucrative retained assignments.
  • ISO 9001 status: Recart is one of few recruitment companies to hold this globally recognised and externally audited international quality standard. We’re able to apply for highly sought after tenders, projects, and PSLs – for your benefit.
  • Gadgets: your own laptop and mobile phone, Office 365, and access to a host of job-search websites via Broadbean. You’ll be able to work from anywhere, at any time, no problem.
  • Our base? You’ll find us in a converted Lace Mill in Beeston, close to Nottingham and just off junction 25 of the M1. Our open-plan office features hot desking, bay windows, music, aquarium, table tennis, coffee on tap, weekly yoga sessions, and monthly head-and-shoulder massages.

We do things differently because it works. That’s why we’ve built a reputation among industry-leading clients, globally, as engineering, technical, and executive recruitment specialists. That’s why our clients are choosing us to work retained assignments and recruit for roles on an exclusive basis. And that’s why we’ve received multiple Employer of the Year award nominations in the past two years. Recart is growing, evolving, and moving forward to the next level.

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Contact Lee Bown at leebown@recart.co.uk

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