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Interview Tips

‘We’re an Unstable, Miserly Business in Serious Financial Trouble… Join Us!’

Why not cut the crap and cut to the chase – with interviewing?

Interviews are often a posturing dance with two parties trying to present their best selves.

But what’s the point – if the image doesn’t reflect the reality.

What if you need a big-hitter who can save the business – how do you position this?

In recruitment, we often hear “I was mis-sold a job opportunity and left a business shortly after joining”, or “The candidate we met at interview was definitely not the one who joined us”.

Positive expectations weren’t met…, benefits were exaggerated…, or they were thrown into a deep end – and sunk.

Some people like being thrown in at the deep end but they didn’t know that’s what you needed – an opportunity missed.

Opportunities come in different shapes and sizes – what scares the pants off one person will be the ideal challenge for another.

Instead of hiding negatives, why not be honest?

“The owner can be a controlling, micro-manager – so if you’re easily shaken up, it’s not for you.”

“A rebellious team forced out your predecessor.”

“The business is struggling – you’ll need deals, quickly, to keep your job.”

If you keep schtum…, your new hire might have a rabbit in the headlights moment or jump ship as soon as they step on board and realise the waves are a bit choppy.

If you reveal all…, you’ll scare people away – but have more chance of finding someone motivated by the challenge and the chance to really make a difference.

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