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Myth Busters

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Myth #1

“There’s a skills shortage. Our ideal candidates just aren’t out there.”

The right people for your business are out there – but they’re working for your competitors or other businesses. The problem isn’t the market; the problem is that you’re not grabbing their attention. We’ll teach you how to do this.


Myth #2

“There’s nobody suitable in our location.”

If that actually is true...., you need even better bait – to attract candidates from elsewhere. Is a generic job advert, or using multiple low-rate agencies, really going to achieve this? Relocation is extremely common; we’ll help you sell both the region and your business’s unique qualities and perks.


Myth #3

“We don’t pay enough to attract the best candidates.”

Why does work get you out of bed in the morning? It’s not just about money..., is it? But money talks if all you’re selling is a job title, salary, and a bland description of what you do. If you recruit based on your business’s purpose, values and culture..., you’ll attract the right people, for the right reasons.


Myth #4

“Advertising doesn’t work.”

Translation: your adverts aren’t working. If your adverts list duties and requirements alongside some company blurb, they’re not adverts; they’re job descriptions. And if you’re not advertising in the right places, you’re also wasting money. Job adverts, typically, work about a third of the time; our adverts have a success rate in excess of 80%. Why? Ask us...


Myth #5

“We’ve got a great deal; our agency rates are only 8-10%”

More likely, it’s a good deal for them – but not you. With more than 39,000 UK recruitment agencies out there, someone will always do it cheaper. Low-rate agencies recruit by volume, targeting low-margin quick wins. If a hire leaves your business after only a few months, they don’t care; they’ll do it all over again and gladly cash the cheque. Low rate means low quality. Our advertising model has proved this: it’s delivered better results and for far less money.


Myth #6

"Using multiple agencies improves my hiring chances.”

More recruiters looking means more candidates and better results, right? Not when each of your recruiters is sending the same candidates to multiple businesses, chasing the quickest bite and/or the best margin. If you were a quality recruitment company, would you work on this premise? “I’ll give you the work but I’ll be using three of your competitors at the same time, and I’ll pay the first one to get the work done first. Oh..., and if I don’t like what you give me, or if I decide to do it myself at any point, I won’t pay you”. Of course you wouldn’t – so imagine who would, and consider why...


Myth #7

“Agencies fail when they don't specialise in what we do.”

Here’s the truth: 85% of jobs that will exist in 2030 don’t exist yet. Even you don’t specialise in what you do! Don’t get lured into the common recruitment agency promises of ‘sector specialists’ and ‘tailored candidate databases’. You are unique. Your roles are unique. Your culture is unique. You need somebody (cough, cough) who’ll work with you to find out what you actually really want, before offering it.


Myth #8

“Agencies are too expensive.”

Too right. So once you understand how to tap into candidate pool yourself, you’ll save yourself a fortune. We’ll teach you how to do this. Our job advertising success is 80% compared with an average of about 30%. When we do recruit, it’s a quality headhunting service for key roles and business-critical vacancies.

Let’s do the math based on 10 roles...

This is what you’ve been doing: You place 10 adverts (£10,000) and achieve three hires; the remaining seven positions are filled via recruitment agencies (£35,000 based on an average £5,000 fee). Total cost: £45,000.

This is what you could be doing: You place 10 adverts (£10,000) and achieve eight hires; the remaining two hires are filled via Recart (£10,000 based on an average £5,000 fee). Total cost: £18,000.

Even if you only get seven hires from the advert, and three from Recart recruiting, the cost is still only £22,000 – a 100% cost saving.


Myth #9

“Agencies don’t have anyone suitable on their books.”

We agree because they shouldn’t! Anyone that tries to win your business by claiming to have the right people sat there waiting is either lying or selling candidates they’re regurgitating to multiple companies, hoping for a bite. Chances are, said candidates could be reached via our job advertising model – minus the agency fee. Also, if a recruiter rang you saying they have the perfect job for you based on a two-minute glance of your LinkedIn profile, would you believe them...?


Myth #10

“Agencies don’t work because they can’t understand our work.”

Most of the time, we agree. Most job adverts are written using jargon, waffle and acronyms. When an agency picks up this second-hand information, they are diluting the low chance you had of recruiting successfully in the first place. You know what you do better than anyone else – you just need to be asked the right questions, in the right order, and by the right person (cough cough). This is akin to a coaching session facilitated by a consultant, rather than recruitment salesperson.


Myth #11

“The people we’re looking for just aren’t out there.”

This sentence is verbalised so often. Your business model won’t work if the person you want doesn’t exist. If the person really doesn’t exist, you won’t find them. Recruit for what you’re going to be doing in the future rather what’s happened in the past.


Myth #12

“We always struggle to recruit.”

Albert Einstein: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” On so many occasions when we first speak to a client, they’re looking to replicate the same process but with a different company. You specialise in what you do. We specialise in what we do.


Myth #13

"Father Christmas doesn’t exist.”

Now you’re just being ridiculous.


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