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This Is How It Works...

We love 'hard-to-fill' roles and specialise in 'rare skill-sets', covering technical, service, product and professional industries. We excel in assisting engineering, professional services, technical, consultancies and entrepreneurial companies.

Two Pools...

  • Two Pools. Four Options.

    The 25% pool contains the people looking for their next move. The 75% pool is formed of people who aren’t proactively looking for a new position.

  • Old thinking. Same results.

    Typically, companies put out a job advert that has only a 37% success rate in attracting the right person. When it fails, it's straight to recruitment agencies.

  • Why it doesn’t work.

    Adverts are not really adverts – they don’t appeal to the right person. Agencies charge a fortune for doing what you could have done.

  • How it can work..

    Your circumstances are unique. Your role is unique. Your brand is unique. Your options should be tailored to you – not rigid or prescriptive. See below.

The goal for any recruitment campaign is to attract the right person

Here are four options to do so

Option One

Client-branded Advertising

Option Two

Proactive Search & Selection/Headhunt

Option Three

Best of Both Worlds (Options 1 & 2)

Option Four

Paid on Completion (Non-committal)

Filtered candidates

Fully interviewed candidates

Full candidate profile / synopsis

Guaranteed hire

100% rebate on all recruitment fees

Branded advert on all major job boards

No commitment (paid on placement)

Confidentiality (role not advertised)

KPI-staged payments

Time critical

Talent pool access (all candidates who applied to the job advert




12-month free replacement

6-month free replacement

3-month sliding-scale rebate


20% of salary

15% of salary

15% of salary

Which option is best for me?

Well, what’s most important to you?

Depending on your needs..., is your priority cost, time, refunds, guarantees, rebates, branding, exposure, confidentiality, or commitment/non-commitment etc? We have four solutions:

Option One

Client-branded Advertising

Cost-effective hiring from the 25% pool

This option reduces the need to use agencies and keeps you in full control of the whole process, whilst reducing you recruitment costs. We have developed an extremely successful and proven methodology that increases your advert-to-hire ratio to more than double the industry average.

This options suits clients who either advertise themselves or have a current PSL. This is an extremely effective way of branding your company and your role to the right audience, rather than diluting your brand by a poorly written advert or using an agency.

  • A tailored advert is written by a professional ‘specialist advert-writing’ copywriter. The advert hones in on the right person, rather than loading it with buzzwords and acronyms.
  • Your advert will appear on ALL the UK premium job websites with one click. Your name. Your branding.
  • You will be in full control of all applications. Applicants are pre-filtered specifically against your unique advert.
  • If the advert is unsuccessful, we’ll deduct the cost off a proactive recruitment campaign if you choose to go down that route (option 2).

Option Two

Proactive Search & Selection

Time-sensitive headhunting in the 75% pool

This option is for the ‘must hires’, which are crucial to your business. This works for clients who have no other option but to get the right person onboard ASAP – guaranteed. Many clients also choose this option when they have a confidential hire that needs to be conducted with a high degree of sensitivity. It also suits clients who have exhausted their PSL and agency options. We don’t pick off the usual suspects from job boards here – you could do that with our advertising option.

  • Proactive recruitment in the pool of ‘passive’ candidates who aren’t proactively looking
  • A free replacement if the candidate we place leaves your business within 12 months
  • A shortlist of qualified, interviewed and screened candidates within one – four weeks.
  • Success, guaranteed. A 100% money-back guarantee; if we fail, you don’t pay
  • Upon placement, we refund the job advert fee if you opted to advertise first
  • Strategic competitor analysis; if the best candidate works for a rival, we’ll attract them
  • A tailored written synopsis is submitted alongside each CV
  • A recruiter works for you only – CVs aren’t sent to multiple businesses, chasing the best fee

Option Three

Hybrid Model (The Best of Both Worlds)

Hitting the 25% & 75% pools at the same time (option #1 & #2, combined)

This is where you get a tailored, written advert as well as a direct search conducted for you at the same time. The difference is that all applications (through the advert) will be screened, filtered and interviewed by Recart, as well as the candidates generated from the direct search. Your name and branding will still be on the job advert. You will still be guaranteed the hire.

This is a great way of building a candidate pool, whilst guaranteeing a hire. Once the successful candidate has been secured, you get access to all of the applications and candidates.

The guarantees are the same as Option 2. The only difference is:

Instead of a 12-month free replacement – you will get 6 months. The candidate could have come from the advert or the proactive search.

The shortlist of suitable candidates will be provided within one – six weeks (to allow the advert to run its full length)

Option Four

Paid on Delivery!

Traditional, old-style recruiting! (the 25% pool)

This is our non-recommended option!

The old, traditional and non-committed methodology is ‘paid when placed’ (contingency recruitment). This is typically used by companies who have a PSL and / who have always done things this way / believe having several agencies working on the same role is the best way.

Our other options are far more effective. If you really wanted to use this option, then we have model that fits. If this yields success for you, then we can discuss one of our more cost-effective methods. Or you could continue this way.

Many clients complain about recruiters, and it’s because they use this option (contingency recruitment), with multiple agencies. It could cost you more than you should be paying. It will also mean you will be using several agencies to give you what you could be doing yourself but…, it’s up to you.

With the right people in the right seats, united by purpose and values, amazing things happen

Our mantra

With the right people in the right seats, united by purpose and beliefs, your business will be unstoppable.

Our niche

Tailored solutions for key hires at local, regional and international businesses.

Our Guarantee

Quality service and lasting success, risk-free. A 12-month free replacement service. A 100% money-back guarantee.

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