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Why People are Ditching the City Life

City life isn’t for everyone and there’s a reason for it.

The fast-paced environment, pollution, and daily commutes that are like purgatory can take a toll on your mental wellbeing and happiness.

While you may have landed a great job, the environment that surrounds you can put a damper on your days. The feeling of stress and chaos can be something difficult to shake off, and weekends quickly disappear without the benefit of feeling like you switched off from work!

Perhaps this is why there’s an increase in people making the move from urban life to country life.  Cost of living and property can be cheaper, more choice in schools and activities for young families, and the scenic surroundings all can contribute to an increase in quality of life. Not only this, but it can promote a healthy work-life balance as time out of work is spent in a calm and peaceful environment.

Towns in the likes of Devon, Cornwall, and Somerset are becoming increasingly popular and have even been named some of the ‘Best Places to Live in the UK 2019’. Renowned for their sandy beaches, outdoor activities, and (of course) their Cream Scones, it’s understandable why more people are trading the concrete jungle for a bucket and spade.

If you would be interested in a move, here at Recart we have opportunities in the southwest:

Industrial Services Manager

Production Engineer

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