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STDs are on the Rise in Recruitment…

Software, Technology and Digital solutions are changing how we think – but they won’t add long-term value.

Yes, they can help us identify a problem and get to it quickly – but then there’s actually solving it.

Every job board claims to have the best algorithms that pick out the best CVs… But underneath it all, it’s just sex (‘search engine excellence’). It’s just keywords. It’s ‘the what’ and ‘the how’ – not ‘the why’.

With STDs, we never know why each candidate is unique, purpose-led, or the right person.

Every agency has the power to get to every single candidate, using technology, but the skill is identifying the right people – not just the right word matches, qualifications and skills.

Forecasting software is also great – it allows a company to be proactive in what they need – a ‘what you should do’ list – but ‘doing it’ is a whole new ball game.

There are 70,000-plus recruitment agencies in the UK and more and more algorithm and AI-driven ‘solutions’.


Databases and STDs aren’t the answer.

Never before has it been so important to understand and apply the beauty of direct communication, purpose, and ‘the why’.

And that’s a people thing.

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