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Stop Blurring Company Culture with Clichéd Perks

You’re missing the point.

A table tennis table, a relaxed dress code, flexible working, gadgets and branded notepads ready on a clean desk…

Too many businesses define company culture – wrongly – as fluffy words and freebie marketing.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with perks and being nice to new starters.

But perks are not the same as company culture.

That ping-pong table doesn’t look so good when it’s always folded up to make way for meetings about KPIs, performance reviews, or potential redundancies.

Jeans and a tee-shirt aren’t so comfortable when the clock ticks into the third hour of unpaid overtime.

Perks aren’t the priority, transparency is.

Perks show appreciation for employees and they do attract candidates – of course.

But the ideal candidates? The successful hires? They’ll be the professionals that connect with your company culture.

If you’re not promoting your business properly, maybe that’s why your job advert isn’t working or why your 65 recruitment agencies all hit the same brick wall.

Company culture is your ‘why’ – why does your business exist? Why does it work? Why does it motivate people?

It’s a mission statement that doesn’t just describe what you do…, or even how you do it…, but a statement of activity and intent – why you do it, and the difference you’re proud to make.

It’s your company’s unique values and purpose. What differentiates you from your competitors?

It’s what gets your staff out of bed every morning. What stops them from leaving? What do they work for?

Company culture is the momentum, under the surface, that motivates and drives each individual and team.

And that’s much, much more persuasive and powerful than a pool table.

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