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Skills Shortages… blah blah blah

With the right people in the right seats, united by purpose and values, amazing things happen.

Our niche: key hires for skills-shortage markets – technical, senior and hard-to-fill contract and permanent placements, nationally and globally.

Myth Busters
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The pool containing the 75% are happily working for your competitors. You just don’t know how to reach them.

There isn’t a skills shortage


The job market contains two candidate pools:

The 25% pool… The candidates actively using job websites, who reply to your adverts and are sent to you by agencies. They’re often the usual suspects. Many are looking for a reason…

The 75% pool… The candidates who aren’t looking – the successful, achieving and committed employees that businesses really want. This is the pool you think you’re still reaching when you use recruitment agencies or advertising, but you’re not.

How to get to the 75%

Focus your thinking

Two pools = Three solutions

Option One: Cost-effective hiring in the 25% pool. Don’t waste money on agencies. Our job advertising service is more effective, for a fraction of the price.

Option Two: Time and quality-focused recruitment in 75% pool. Exclusive, consultative headhunting. Lasting success guaranteed via a 100% money-back guarantee and a 12-month free replacement service.

Option Three: The best of both worlds: Access both pools at once – the ones who are looking and the ones who aren’t. This is great for building your brand and getting your name out there, whilst still focusing on time constraints.

Which One Do I Need?


  • “There is a skills shortage”
  • “Nobody is looking”
  • “We Don’t pay enough”
  • “There’s nobody in our location”
  • “Advertising doesn’t work”

Here’s how it works

  • Step one

    We interview you against your specific role(s). This is a free consultation.

  • Step two

    You decide which of our service options suits your hiring needs.

  • If you choose Option One (Adverts) we’ll cover ALL the 25% pool with a tailored, targeted job advert(s). If the right person is looking, they’ll be hooked –for no agency fee.

  • Step four

    If you choose Option Two, we’ll start the headhunting process. We’ll refund you the cost of Option One if it wasn’t successful.

  • Step 5

    If you choose Option Three (hybrid) we combine the above, hitting the 25% and 75% Pool at the same time. You'll get a tailored, written advert as well as a direct search.

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