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advert multiples

A cost-effective way to plan and budget for your ongoing advertising campaign with multiple purchases, spread over a time-frame that allows you to proactively predict your spend.

An industry standard of only 37% of all recruitment advertising results in a successful hire. Recart’s proven methodology has an 81% success rate of advert to hire.

The advert process and explanation can be found here.

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The above service includes:

  • Job take-on (one-hour consultation – either done over the phone or face to face)
  • A brilliant advert, written by one of our professional recruitment advert copy-writers
  • Job posting on all the major boards

A typical advert cost per job board is between £100-£150. We will place you advert on every single job board, which would cost you in excess of £1000.

An typical advert has an industry standard success rate of 37%.

If, out of every ten roles, you filled four by adverts, and then the other roles were filled by agencies (let’s assume a £5k fee).

10 x £1000 = £10,000 (as we would assume you would advertise first, and then use an agency)

+ 6 x £5000 (agency fees) = £30,000

Total cost = £40,000

Using our proven methodology:

£8500 (cost of ten adverts) + 2 x £5000 (agency fees)

Total cost = £18,500

All the CVs generated are your talent pool. You are in full control of the process, and this is a proven effective branding proposition.

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