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‘Anyone Want a Job…? Or a Car?’

Ever see a car advert waxing lyrical about four wheels, five doors, and electric windows?

Of course not; it’s all about the advanced technology, why it’s unique, a target market, and the feeling of enjoyment.

So why do so many businesses make this mistake with their job adverts?

Rehashing old material… Relying on buzzwords… Focusing on requirements and responsibilities…

It’s either an expensive shortcut or a costly mistake:

  1. By using any old tricks to attract anyone, you’re not targeting who is right for you and your brand.
  1. The best candidates join your competitors – maybe because they’re more attracted to their adverts.
  1. When your adverts don’t work, you become overly reliant on recruitment agencies which either waste your time or bill you thousands.

Why do many job adverts fail? Because they’re not actually adverts. They’re job descriptions.

Adverts target matching motivations and characters, not just the right skills; they sell a purpose, not just a job title and a number.

What’s in it for the candidate? What would they be part of? Why would they enjoy it? Why is it great to work for your business?

A job advert doubles up as marketing and a potential recruit’s first engagement with your brand. Make it count.

Improving your job adverts could save you thousands of pounds – the money many businesses are unwittingly paying recruitment agencies for hiring candidates from the same pool of active candidates that your own job advert would be fishing in.

Many agencies replace a company name with “our client”, tweak the location and salary, and then charge huge fees if they get lucky with their advert ‘rewrite’.

Candidates prefer to apply for the job adverts listed by businesses themselves; it’s direct, it’s deemed more trustworthy. So take advantage!

You know best when it comes to forming the effective job advert content – the why questions; the reasons why you do what you do, and why you’re a great business to join.

You know the reasons; we know the right questions to ask and the right words for showcasing them.

Recart’s job advertising service will enhance the quality of your job advert. We’ll interview you and write a new advert from scratch. The branding will remain entirely yours; there’s no mention of Recart. We publish the advert, which is yours to keep, across all the UK premium job websites.

Next time you’re hiring, contact us at info@recart.co.uk

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