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Internal Vacancy: Editorial Quality Assistant

This position has been filled. Shhhh, keep this to yourself. My recruitment company has a secret weapon: me, and I need an accomplice.

I need someone with a passion for the written word, someone who is adept at using language to convey people’s personality traits, someone who can clean up spelling mistakes and knows their grammar. Someone who doesn’t have phrases such as “good working in a team and on my own” in their CV, and, of course, someone who can make a cracking brew.

Is that you? A bit about me: I landed on planet recruitment after six years’ experience as a Sports Journalist and Sub-editor. So how did that happen? Well, at this recruitment company, success is not measured by flashy suits, bullish sales talk and how many CVs can be crammed into a manager’s inbox each day; it’s measured by quality – ratios for the number of CVs that lead to interviews and the number of interviews that result in placements. And that’s where I come in. Appointed Editorial Quality Manager last September, I have been working on the quality of our CVs and the written synopsis our recruitment consultants provide for every candidate.


The synopsis, like a cover letter, explaining why the candidate is interested in the role and the company, and how far he or she matches the client’s requirements. And the good news is that it’s working – interview and placement figures have soared and the business is growing at a fast pace, so much so that I need some help!

I should warn you that my boss is a little crazy. He thinks we’re going to take over the world, so he constantly rewards and motivates us with perks such as gym membership, flexible working, healthy working hours and breaks, a weekly yoga session, a monthly massage, and team nights out.

So, here’s the kicker: my employer is called Recart – a specialist technical and engineering recruitment consultancy based in a modern, converted lace mill in Beeston, near Nottingham, and close to the M1. And this is the secret: even if you have a gift for words rather than the gift of the gab, you can make a difference in recruitment. You can help people secure a dream career move and help businesses grow. You don’t even need a suit! We have a relaxed dress code here…

Are you an experienced or newly qualified journalist eager to use your writing skills in a more rewarding environment?

Are you a copywriter, media professional or PR professional seeking a career change?

Or are you a recent graduate, with a degree in English or History?

To be honest, though, I don’t mind where you’re from and what you do – sports journalism to recruitment was hardly a predictable career switch for me!

So just tell me about you and why you think you’re the accomplice I’m looking for.

Please send a copy of your CV, with a covering letter that weaves some word-related magic, to – go on, what’s the worst that can happen?

Recart Nottingham

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  • Pride Park
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