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Welcome to The Recart Hub

Welcome to the Recart Hub!

Here at Recart, we want to provide a space for our clients and business partners to keep up to date with relevant topics and industry updates that won’t make people question our existence. This will include key industry news, employment law changes, and trends in recruitment, as well as information about past and upcoming events attended/hosted by our recruitment partners. With this shared knowledge, we hope to improve our clients’ insight into what’s happening in their world of work and highlight some areas that may not have been seen.

We also want to share a bit more about us. Recart is constantly evolving and we want to share updates from our office and why our work gets us out of bed in the morning. By getting to know our business better, we hope our clients will be able to take away something from it – whether that be lessons in the art of recruitment, our own inspirations and motivations, or just highlighting the success of employees who went above and beyond.

As we build our blog, we want to create an open and accessible community – including guest writers who are experts in their industry sharing useful content and tips, as well as engagement in discussions and weekly topics. We encourage as many comments as possible. Does anyone have anything interesting happening that they would like to share? What are the trends in the industry?

We can’t wait to get the ball rolling!

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