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Why Subscription Companies Could Take Over The World

Whether you’re a wine afficionado or a sock enthusiast, you can pretty much guarantee that there’ll be a subscription box for it. Heck, you can even subscribe to “mushroom cultures of the month” for a mere ten pounds.

Nine out of ten British people are reportedly signed up to a subscription service, be that an online streaming service such as Netflix or a monthly goodie box from the likes of HelloFresh or Bloom & Wild. 

So, why are they so popular? Put simply, convenience.

Remember when free music downloads – the likes of Napster and LiveWire – seemed set to destroy the music industry? Then Apple and iTunes came along. Soon, everyone was paying for music again.

In a world of instant gratification, next-day delivery and everything we could ever want at our fingertips, subscriptions fit right in. They remove the hassle of checking our bank accounts or making trips to the supermarket –  it’s far more convenient to get home from work and find everything from meals, makeup, flowers, drinks and even socks just  waiting for us in a neat little box. Pair that with an automatically renewing Netflix subscription and you’re set.


So, what about business…?

When it comes to job adverts, we think subscriptions are the way forward, too. You can plan and budget advertising campaigns cost-effectively, with multiple purchases over time – this allows to you proactively predict your spending. 

Only 37% of all recruitment advertising results in a successful hire. Recart’s proven methodology has an 81% success rate of advert to hire, meaning you won’t be wasting thousands on job site costs and recruiter fees. 

Imagine this as a subscription:

– Doubling your advertising success, slashing your recruitment costs

– Job adverts that present a compelling case, promoting your brand and culture.

– Publication across every premium job website, boosting your SEO and marketing. 

– Building your own talent pool, reducing your reliance on recruitment agencies

– Consultative job take-on interviews, helping your adverts arrow in on your target audience. 


Let’s crunch the numbers…

Say, out of every ten roles, you filled four by adverts and then the rest by agencies (let’s assume a 5k fee) it would work out at:

10 x £1000 = £10,000 (we’d assume you’d advertise first and then use an agency.)

+ 6 x £5000 in agency fees = £30,000

Total Cost = £40,000

But, using our proven methodology it works out as:

£8500 (cost of ten adverts) + 2 x £5000 (agency fees)

Total costs = £18,000

What’s more, all the CVs generated are your own talent pool – you’re in full control of the process and this is a proven, effective branding proposition.   

See, subscriptions don’t just have to be for the foodie, quirky and TV stuff, they make good business sense!







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