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Disruptive Brands in the Food and Drink Industry

The Food and Drink Industry is an evolving sector, with foodies coming up with new concepts every day.

We always welcome new food and we love a disruptive brand, so here’s a round-up of some brands that are turning the industry on its head. 


Named one of the fastest-growing UK brands, Deliveroo has certainly been making its mark recently. Having a takeaway delivered is nothing new; in fact, the image of people riding bikes and purveying a service is quite archaic. However, their instantly recognisable branding, range of options and online menus set them apart, and they’ve become one of the most disruptive brands in the biz. 


When asked what inspired him to create Yo!Sushi, founder Simon Woodroffe answers ‘desperation’, following a bout of depression. Woodroffe set up the UK’s first Japanese conveyor-belt sushi restaurant, bringing a fun and dynamic dining experience from Tokyo to London. The restaurant chain now has over 70 branches around the world and continues to disrupt and revolutionise the UK food market. 


Demand for healthier snacks has increased in recent years, and Graze was one of the first brands to instigate a food subscription service that was truly customisable by the user. It was a brave new model, but since 2007 they have disrupted again and again to become a £105m business. They have now expanded into one-off purchases available in stores, demonstrating an ability to adapt to consumer needs.

Innocent Drinks 

Innocent exclusively use fresh fruits and vegetables, without purees or juices from concentrate, something that was unknown in the market at the time. They took a largely stagnant industry and disrupted it – and continue to disrupt it now with clever marketing campaigns. Innocent are the experts in synthetic personalisation, and use their ‘Innocent Towers’, named the ‘coolest offices in London’ to align their company culture with their branding. 

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